By Kyle Jillson | March 20 2012 17:40
Nick Mowrer the United States Naval Academy secured the individual and team championships respectively during the Open Air Pistol Championship

Columbus, Georgia – The last day of the NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships saw all shooters assemble in the USAMU's Pool indoor range for the final championship of the week, Open Air Pistol.

The United States Naval Academy had its eyes on a fourth team championship to take back to Annapolis and Nick Mowrer, the senior for Pikes Peak, looked to once again sweep the individual championships and retire from the collegiate championships on a sweet note.

Shot from a distance of ten meters, the Open Air Pistol Championship's course of fire is fairly straightforward - 60 shots over one hour and 45 minutes.

Ten meters might not be very far, but trying to make 60 extremely precise shots turns the match into one of attrition.

Are your shots becoming less accurate because your arm is getting tired? You better hope the fatigue is afflicting everyone else too. Shoot a 7 and your opponents can gain on you or strengthen their lead. Every shot counts.

After the last shooter took their 60th shot, numbers were crunched and the finalists announced. Of no surprise, Nick Mowrer was at the first point with a substantial lead of 16 points.

Nick would set his pistol down the 2012 Open Air champion and although he was in no real danger of losing the title, he still took the opportunity to make every shot count in the finals and posted a 98.4, the highest score there as well.

Mowrer, who is training for a spot on the USA Shooting Team in the 2012 London Olympics, takes every shot seriously.

"You can go into the finals ahead of everybody, but it still takes a lot of concentration and drive to actually push through it," Mowrer said. "I still go for it every single point."

With the last championship shot, Nick's sweep of this year's championships was complete, taking first place in Free Pistol, Standard Pistol and Open Air Pistol. His final aggregate was a 1700 out of of 1800, 97 points ahead of second place's Timothy Steinberg of the United States Naval Academy.

Also achieving its goal for a 2012 championship was Navy, who took the team championship to secure the team aggregate, shooting a 6325 of 7200.

With the books officially closed on the 2012 Intercollegiate Pistol Championships, it was time to clean up and head to the awards ceremony, where the top awards would be announced in addition to this year's NRA All-Americans in pistol.

Scores below:

2012 Open Air Pistol Individual Championship
      Finals Total
1 Nick Mowrer Pikes Peak 98.4 673.4
2 Emily Meyer USNA 96.3 655.3
3 Joseph Savo USNA 96.7 652.7
Kirsten Asdal USNA 95.6 651.6
5 Gary Reburn Ohio 94.9 649.9
6 Timothy Steinberg USNA 95.3 649.3
7 Michael Nugent USNA 96.1 649.1
8 Benjamin Poth USMA 94.2 648.2

2012 Open Air Pistol Team Championship
1 United States Naval Academy 2224
2 Texas A&M University
3 United States Military Academy
The Ohio State University
5 Yale 2136
United States Coast Guard Academy
The Citadel
University of Utah
Michigan State University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2012 Individual Aggregate
1 Nick Mowrer Pikes Peak 1700
2 Timothy Steinberg
USNA 1603
3 Benjamin Poth
USMA 1601
Gary Reburn
Ohio 1595
5 Joe Totts
Ohio 1591
6 Joseph Savo
USNA 1587
7 Stephen Halsmer
USMA 1586
8 Andrew Traciak
MSU 1567

2012 Team Aggregate
1 United States Naval Academy 6325
2 United States Military Academy 6299
3 The Ohio State University 6283
Texa A&M University 6209
5 The Citadel
United States Coast Guard Academy
University of Virginia
University of Utah
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5878

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