By Lars Dalseide | March 19 2012 07:40

snow atop the mountains outside of Phoenix, Arizona

NRAblog Editor Lars Dalseide is in Arizona this week for a Precision Law Enforcement Rifle class. While there, he promises to provide daily updates of the experience here on NRAblog.

Phoenix, Arizona - While coming in for a landing at the Phoenix International Airport for my three day course in Precision Law Enforcement Rifle class, the first thing that struck me was the snow along the mountain tops. This was Arizona, after all … what’s with the snow?

Mom showing her child an airplane inside the airport in Phoenix, Arizona

As luck would have it, Phoenix is in the middle of an unseasonable winter storm session. Over the past few days, the area has been deluged with precipitation of various densities in what some locals have referred to as “crazy.”

The area in which the class is scheduled to take place this morning, Wickenburg, is one of those places. Instructor Mark Fricke called while I was collecting my bags with the suggestion that I upgrade from a car to four-wheel drive vehicle should I care to reach base camp before sunset. Unfortunately, as Arizona is under siege from the Spring Baseball fanatics, there were no four-wheel drives to be found. So I jumped behind the wheel of an Aspen and made break for Wickenburg.

Though there was no snow on the ground, there was plenty evidence of rainfall. First on the roadside and then upon my windshield. Finding the off-road exit, I decided to take the muddy trail into the mountains with hopes for the best. It was not to be.

Getting stuck in the mud outside of Phoenix, Arizona

The Aspen fell victim to the elements. Three miles into my four mile trek and I was literally spinning in the mud. Luckily, I contacted the boys at camp and they were off to the rescue. In due time, we gathered round the fire tossing around tales of military service, law enforcement and SHOT Show.

It’s still a few hours until my first class begins (Arizona time and all that) so there’s no stories of shooting to share just yet. But don’t let that discourage you … there’s always the chance I can break away and provide an update on my first Precision Law Enforcement Rifle class here in Arizona.

Standing by an Arizona camp fire


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