By Kyle Jillson | March 16 2012 14:10
Navy's Emily Meyer wins the NRA's 2012 Women's Air Pistol Title for the U.S. Naval Academy

Columbus, Georgia - Members of the U.S. Naval Academy's pistol team arrived at the NRA's Intercollegiate Club Championships thinking of nothing but titles. With yesterday's Women's Sport Pistol Team match in the bag, there was an overwhelming belief the they'd be heading back to Annapolis with plenty of spoils. If they ran the table during Women's Air Pistol, it would mean three out of the four 2012 women's trophies would reside at the Academy until next year. They better start making some room.

The Women's Air Pistol Championship drew large crowds to the United States Army Marksmanship Unit's Pool Complex. Some to cheers on their teammates and friends, some to see if Navy could pull off the run.

Stepping to the line with air pistols in hand, fourteen female shooters focused on the task at hand — firing forty carefully aimed shots down the ten meter indoor range. By the time it was over, The United States Naval Academy shooters locked up the Women's Team Aggregate with a final score of 1102. West Point, finishing number 2 on the board, ended up 25 points behind with a 1077.

Narrowed down to the top eight for the individual title's finals, Navy's Emily Meyer, the 2011 champion, stood at point No. 1 with her eyes on a repeat win. Repeating would be difficult for Meyer, though, as seven other shooters were also hungry for the title and perfectly capable of taking the trophy back to their own club house.

Scores stood relatively neck and neck as the finalists started taking their timed shots. Meyer ran into a little trouble on the third shot with an 8.2, followed by an 8.0 on the fourth.

As Emily's score slipped, her teammate, Kirsten Asdal, was gaining with shots of 10.1 and 9.5. Meyer, who entered the finals three points ahead of her teammate, sat at 43.7 and Asdal had a 46.7. The two were now tied.

Meyer took a seat after her fourth shot, collecting her thoughts while she waited for the other shooters to finish.

"I tried not to think about it," Meyer said. "I had never been the #1 before."

Pressure was bearing down, but Meyer found a new calm. She squeezed the trigger, determined to win, and saw the moniter light up with a 10.3!

With her concentration back, Emily's next shots were a 9.9 and a 9.8. Asdal wasn't going away, though.

With a 1.3 point lead as they lined up for the final shot, Meyer held onto a slim lead. The crowd sat with baited breath as the two stood, aimed and fired.

It was just enough.

The shooters embraced, happy for the other's success, but only one could claim the title as victor.

With a final total of 465.3, Emily Meyer had claimed the 2012 Women's Individual Aggregate.

2012 Women's Air Pistol Team Championship
1 United States Naval Academy 1102
2 United States Military Academy 1077
3 The Ohio State University 1063
United States Coast Guard Academy 1026
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1013

2012 Women's Air Pistol Individual Championship
      Finals Total
1 Emily Meyer USNA 91.3 465.3
2 Kirstin Asdal USNA 93.6 464.6
3 Leilah Johnson USMA 94.8 463.8
Amanda Watters Ohio 100.2 461.2
5 Catherine Drake USNA 92.1 452.1
6 Laura Carts USCGA 94.3 451.3
7 Kimberly Hullings Ohio 93.2 450.2
8 Victoria Joyce USMA 86.6 447.6

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