By Lars Dalseide | March 15 2012 17:15

NRANews' was unable to run the Smith & Wesson Model 2 pistol segment of Curator's Corner on it's originally scheduled night of Thursday, January 26, 2012. That episode will run tonight. Below is the original writeup from that day in January:

General Sherman's Smith & Wesson Model 2 revolver
A Smith & Wesson Model 2 revolver presented to General William Tecumseh Sherman by the officers of his personal staff in 1869. It now resides in the National Firearms Museum.
One of the prizes National Firearms Museum Director Jim Supica found out at the Tulsa Arms Show was a Smith & Wesson Model 2 “Old Army” revolver. And that’s what we’re going to see tonight’s episode of Curator’s Corner on NRANews.

As Supica explains it, they started referring to the Model 2 as the Old Army revolver when Smith & Wesson started producing the Model 3. A new guy would ask if this was the right gun to ship and a factory veteran would say, “No, that’s the Old Army revolver.” Makes sense.

The Model 2 came along after complaints regarding the power of Smith & Wesson’s first revolver. Though the .32 caliber was indeed larger then the .22 caliber of the Model 1, it still lacked the power held by their ball & powder brothers.

“If one were shot with a Smith & Wesson Model 2 they’d be really upset,” said Supica. “Especially if they noticed. It was significant because Smith & Wesson was producing firearms that shot self-contained metallic cartridges but it was not a powerful gun.”

To learn more about the Smith & Wesson Model 2 Old Army Revolver, tune in for tonight's episode of Curator's Corner at 10:40 eastern time on or Sirius/XM Patriot Satellite Radio.


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