By Kyle Jillson | March 15 2012 14:30
The firing line at the 2012 Standard Pistol Championship
The firing line at the 2012 Standard Pistol Championship

Columbus, Georgia – Hot off her win in Women's Intercollegiate Sport Pistol, Heather Deppe of the U.S. Military Academy stepped to the line for a shot at another title - the Standard Pistol Championship.

Fortune, unfortunately, was just out of reach this time for the young cadet. Despite posting a 562, Deppe could not overcome Nick Mowrer's exceptionally accurate shooting. The Pikes Peak deadeye blazed through the targets to take his second title of the year with a 572. If he isn't careful, Mowrer just might end up repeating his 2011 performance where he swept the pistol championships.

But Deppe isn't heading back to the Academy without a little Standard Pistol hardware of her own. Just like her opponent from the Women's Sport Pistol match, Deppe is walking away a champion after West Point took the team championship. It wasn't all the easy either as the Cadets managed to edge out Ohio State by a single point with a final score of 2131.

Basics of NRA Intercollegiate Standard Pistol

Standard Pistol's course of fire is 60 shots divided into three stages of 20 shots. Each stage has four series of five shots. The first stage's series must be shot within a time limit of 150 seconds per series, second stage in 20 seconds and third in only 10 seconds.

Unlike the other disciplines' championships, Standard Pistol does not have a final to determine the individual champion. At the conclusion of Standard Pistol's three stages, the shooter with the highest total is proclaimed champion.

2012 Standard Pistol Individual Championship
1 Nick Mowrer Pikes Peak 572
2 Heather Deppe USMA 562
3 Joseph Totts Ohio 546
Benjamin Poth USMA 537
5 Gary Reburn Ohio 537
6 Benjamin Moore Citadel 535
7 Garrett Kennedy USMA 533
8 Benjamin Morris USNA 532
9 Matt Morris TAMU 530
10 James McCaig Ohio 529

2012 Standard Pistol Team Championship
1 United States Military Academy 2131
2 The Ohio State University 2130
3 United States Naval Academy 2090
The Citadel 2078
5 Texas A&M University 2036
5 University of Virginia 2013
5 University of Utah 1961
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1929
5 United States Coast Guard Academy 1882

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