By Lars Dalseide | March 13 2012 22:18
Our rundown for tonight's episode of Top Shot will run tomorrow afternoon. Until then, here are five quick thoughts on tonight's episode of Top Shot on History Channel:

Top Shot competitor Eric Keyes is eliminated in round five of Top Shot Season 4 - photo courtesy of History Channel.
  1. Was Gary really of any value to the Red Team? Sure he has experience firing flintlocks as a Civil War re-enactor, but what they really needed was a Tarzan re-enactor. After all, it was their inability to master the rope swing that killed the Red Team.
  2. According to the guys at the National Firearms Museum (Asst. Curator Matt Sharpe in particular), the toughest part about firing a flintlock is the loading and not the shooting ... Blue Team proved that with shooter number 4. It's not as simple as lock and load.
  3. William and Greg had the most trouble figuring out the flintlock during Blue Team practice. Greg continued to push the challenge envelope by failing to fully cock the pistol. That move allowed two Red Team shooters to swing, aim and luckily for Greg ... miss.
  4. I understand that Top Shot is about marksmanship, but when you fail to reach the point where your marksmanship comes into play - like when Chee continued crashing into instead of landing onto the shooting platform - perhaps you've earned at least a vote or two in the nomination round.
  5. "I'm just an all around great shooter." Those were the words of Eric 'Iggy' Keyes right before he lost to Tim Trefren in the elimination re-shoot. Yes, they ended the round tied and Tim finally demolishing Ig during the reshoot, but when you put a nugget like "I'm just an all around great shooter" out there, you better believe that there's someone out there waiting to throw it back in your direction.

    Still, Iggy, we're sorry to see you go.


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