By Lars Dalseide | March 10 2012 12:27

NRA match simulates real-life situations for Law Enforcement

Shooting from a seated position at the NRA Tactical Match

Anderson, South Carolina - The seven courses here at the Skip J Range for the NRA's Tactical Police Competition (TPC) in Anderson, South Carolina put competitors in real-life scenarios. In fact, Law Enforcement Competition's Manager Marc Lipp and his staff will sometimes pluck a scenario right out of today's news. Such was the case in course # 3 — Sonic Blast. Here's how it goes

Shooting around the corner at an NRA Tactical Match

While meeting a confidential informant outside a local eatery, a subject in gang related attire come around the corner with this firearm drawn. You engage, from the seated position, and then proceed to advance on additional threats.

Officer fires down range at South Carolina NRA match

Turning the corner, you find two more firing from a nearby structure along with twelve additional targets scattered throughout the surrounding area.

Catching NRA Tactical Match behind the cameras

"It was odd firing from a seated position," said Julie Yutzy from Duke Energy Security. "When you turned the corner to engage and make your way through the trees, it's a weird situation. You have to think on your feet, be aware of your surrounds and make spur of the moment decisions as to whether or not there's a threat. But that's what we do."

Finishing shot at NRA South Carolina Tactical Police Competition

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