By Kerrin Brinkman | March 5 2012 13:38

Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans with the NRAstore™ has a great product to share with us this week: the NRA Tactical Universal Gun Cleaning Kit. Read on for more information on the kit that has everything you need to clean all of your firearms:

NRA Tactical Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Our 32-piece cleaning kit has you covered with everything you need to keep your firearms in pristine condition. It’s neatly organized with removable bandoliers, accessory pouches and individual plastic tubes. All the cleaning gear is efficiently housed in a custom-fit EVA soft side case – complete with the NRA Tactical logo and web handle. Designed to clean firearms .22 caliber and larger, this kit includes the items below:

• One machined aluminum handle
• One three-piece brass cleaning rod
• 9 brass brushes (.22, .270, .30, .357, .40, .45, .410, 20 ga, 12 ga)
• 5 cotton mops (.22, .357, .410, 20 ga, 12 ga)
• 2 brass brush adapters
• 3 plastic slot tips for cleaning patches (.22, .30, 12 ga)
• 5 jags (.22, .270, .30, .357, .45)
• One double ended utility/breech cleaning brush
• One double ended cleaning pick
• One polishing cloth
• 25 cleaning patches

NRA Tactical Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is available at the NRAstore™ for $29.95. For more information visit or call 1-888-607-6007. Be sure to request a free copy of their catalog!

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