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NRA magazine takes an Italian shotgun out for a spin

Robert Parvin Williams shares the story of his time with the Franchi Instinct SL shotgun in the March edition of American Rifleman magazine:

Instant Classics: Franchi Reborn
The feel of a new classic, Franchi's Instinct SL

There are shotguns you like and then there are shotguns you can’t put down, guns that make you want to take to the fields and the hills and wherever birds fly. Price has surprisingly little to do with this reaction.When someone comes up with a classic—the Model 12, the Superposed, the 101—sometimes it costs a lot and sometimes it doesn’t, but the feeling is there from the first time you hold it. When Franchi sent me a prototype Instinct SL a few days before we left for the gun’s inaugural field test in Kenya, I pulled the gun out of the box, raised an eyebrow at the fine walnut stock, tried a few practice swings and found myself wandering around the house 20 minutes later with the gun still in my hands. This is not my normal reaction to new shotguns.

My reaction, as I learned during the Kenya trip, was exactly what Franchi intended. Faced with tepid sales in the crucial North American market, two years ago Franchi began plans for a complete redesign of its shotguns with a conscious and very deliberate emphasis against trendiness and in favor of classical elegance and “feel.” Indeed, getting the feel of each new design exactly right became the focus of an intensive year-long collaboration among Franchi’s Italian and North American marketing and production experts, led by Bruno Beccaria in Urbino, Italy, and Stephen McKelvain and Jason Evans in Accokeek, Md.

Read the rest of American Rifleman's look at the Franchi Instinct online now.


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