By Kyle Jillson | March 2 2012 16:28

Air rifle shooters at the line on NRAblog

The Rifle Department here at NRA is considering big changes for the NRA State Team Postal Matches next year.

It's looking like the matches will switch to include both indoor and outdoor, however the larger change is in team sizes.

Nothing is hammered out yet, but these changes are expected to make the NRA State Team Postal Matches easier and more fun to participate in.

Curious about postal matches? In postal matches, competitors have the convenience of firing on their home ranges instead of traveling long distances to shoot in matches. To make sure everyone shoots fair, competitors use targets that have been marked for identification and send them in to NRA for scoring, ranking for awards.

The NRA State Team Postal Matches are conducted annually, January through December, these matches are sponsored by the NRA to assist State Associations in developing interest in State Championship Tournaments.

The NRA conducts many more postal matches and feature something for everyone. Many of the matches are held in cooperation with national and fraternal organizations. Other matches fill their specialized need among groups that are unable to support their own separate competition.

Check out Competitive Shooting's postal matches web page for brief descriptions of the current NRA sponsored or sanctioned postal series.

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