By Lars Dalseide | March 2 2012 13:27

Looking at 3-time National Police Shooting Champion Robert Vadasz's 5-inch Nowlin 1911 pistol

Vadasz's Nowlin 1911 9mm pistol handgun for NRA National Police Shooting Championships

Over the past few months, NRAblog has been looking at the firearms used by U.S. Border Patrol Agent Robert Vadasz to win the 2011 National Police Shooting Championship. So far, we've touched on his Red Rock 1911, the Springfield Ultra Compact, the Nowlin 1911, and the Bob Jones .38 Special Revolver. To start March, it's another 1911 styled 9mm by famed gun maker John Nowlin, Sr. What makes this one different is that it comes with a 5-inch barrel.

"It's a five inch stock auto," Vadasz laughed. "Make sure you say it right."

3-time National Police Shooting Champion Robert Vadasz's 5-inch Nowlin 1911 pistol

Finding another Nowlin in Vadasz's collection isn't surprising. After conducting our initial interview, I made a point of asking shooters I met at the 2012 SHOT Show what they thought about Nowlin pistols. Everyone lite up at the mere mention of the name.

"This (firearm) is and always has been a tack driving gun," said Vadasz. "The gun will hold tighter than any six inch gun that I've ever had."

Side view of Robert Vadasz's 5-inch Nowlin 1911 pistol
"Five inches is a standard for most 1911s," said National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Doug Wicklund. "Target shooters will sometimes move to longer barrels to create a long sight radius. So as long as they're doing their part behind the pistol, it'll make for a more accurate gun."

This particular 1911 is special to Vadasz for another reason. For not only was it made by the John Senior but because it was the last gun he worked on before passing. The quality does not go unnoticed.

"It doesn't malfunction, it doesn't hiccup, it doesn't think twice," said Vadasz. "You can put any bullet in this gun and all it's going to do is shoot Xs."

Close up of Robert Vadasz's 5-inch Nowlin 1911 pistol

The Guns of 4-Time National Police Shooting Champ Robert Vadasz (circa 2011)

A right profile of Vadasz's 1911 style 9mm Nowlin pistol

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