By Kyle Jillson | February 28 2012 13:53

Air rifle shooter on NRAblogStarting April 23, after this year's sectionals have wrapped up, NRA will begin accepting sectional scores submitted using the Orion Scoring System.

Never before has scoring a target, especially a batch, been this easy. Simply scan your target, run it though the Orion software and you'll get back an image of your target accurately scored to within .1mm. 

With the rising popularity and accessibility of electronic targets and scoring systems in the shooting world, this move will make smallbore and air rifle matches easier for all parties involved.

Orion runs on any Windows-based computer and requires special Orion paper targets, nearly identical to garden-variety 10 bull/ 12-bull paper targets, for the scoring system to work properly. These targets have special optical codes printed on them to tell the software where the black bulls are.

The Orion Scoring System also makes it incredibly easy to create a digital results bulletin that allows you to post and submit scores almost effortlessly.

Also important about NRA's choice to adopt the scoring system is the existence of a physical target. Unlike with electronic targets that provide no physical copy of the target, paper targets can be submitted and scored if the need arises, especially when scoring ties.

Learn more about the Orion Scoring System on their website.

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