By Kyle Jillson | February 28 2012 17:35

Last week KUSA9 in Colorado ran a great piece about the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program being taught to elementary school students in Castle Rock.

Gun safety program taught to elementary school students

Eddie Eagle teaches gun safety to Academy Charter School on NRAblog

Brandon Lee knew he had to do something when his young children reached the age where they became curious about guns. While guns are not present in their home, he knew they were in the homes of families where his children play. He wanted his kids to know what to do if they ever came in contact with a gun.

When two young children in Colorado were accidently killed by guns in the last three months, Lee decided to take his idea of a gun safety program to his children's school, Academy Charter School in Castle Rock.

The idea was embraced by the school's administration.

Lee worked with an existing program called Eddie Eagle, which was developed by the National Rifle Association. The program has been taught for several years by the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. Lee was able to arrange for two sheriff's officers to come to Academy Charter School and teach the gun safety program for about 300 kindergarten through fourth grade students.

Watch video of the segment and read the rest of the article on KUSA9's website here.

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