By Kerrin Brinkman | February 28 2012 10:31

NRA Training on NRAblog Listen up, NRA Certified Instructors! NRA Senior Training Program Coordinator Steve Hoback shared some news with us about important updates to that will help streamline the process of posting courses and allowing students to register. Here's what Steve had to say:

Big changes began yesterday on first, when the number of seats listed in the course is reached, a notice will appear on the instructor's page saying course is full, and students searching for courses will see the message "COURSE FULL. Please contact Instructor for further information"; this way, if the trainer wants to start a waiting list or edit the course to allow more students, he or she can.

Next, potential candidates searching for instructor courses will see the pre-course qualification for that particular course when they click on the details button. Finally, although the ability to create multi-discipline courses has been functional for several weeks, the User Guide will spell out how to create multi-discipline courses step-by-step.

Hoback sees as a useful tool for NRA Trainers that has evolved as a results of their feedback and helped decrease the amount of paper that must be processed during course reporting.

"We appreciate the Instructors efforts and are glad that we can provide this tool and continually improve it based on their input. We continue to get paper reports, which we are returning to the instructor submitting, but the river of paperwork has now become a trickle."

For questions regarding these changes or more information about, send an email to

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