By Lars Dalseide | February 28 2012 22:20

History's Top Shot brings out the M4, Vinci & Nova Benelli Shotguns

As always, we'll have a rundown of the show tomorrow afternoon. Until then, here are five quick thoughts on tonight's episode of Top Shot on History:

Top Shot's Dustin Ellermann trying out a Benelli during the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas

  1. The Benelli Shotgun filled episode included the M4, the Vinci and the Nova. When first hearing that it was all shotguns I thought i was going to be a bore, but the show did not disappoint. And the slow motion capture when the birdshot hit the clays was pretty cool too.
  2. Chris Reed was back on the show as an expert for the practice round. Great to see him on the big screen again. Just reminds you how he takes what could be a complicated task and break it down to the simplest steps possible.
  3. Team Blue — you move so slow!! Red completely dominated Blue in the Challenge Round. While Red ran back and forth, Blue was lackadaisical in their efforts ... and that's being charitable. Yet another example of Team Red's team work, for a lack of a better word, working.
  4. While practically every member of Team Blue performed poorly, it was Terry Powers who stepped up to the plate and said if you're voting on performance, then you should vote for me. That took some guts sir.
  5. Michelle is gone and Gabby is looking strong. As next week will focus on the crossbow, I'm guessing Gabby has never shot one of those before either.

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