By Lars Dalseide | February 21 2012 07:32

Samantha Virk at the 2012 SHOT Show in Vegas
Samantha Virk readies for the onslaught of SHOT Show.
Las Vegas, Nevada -Looks can be deceiving.

When first meeting Samantha Virk, for example, you probably wouldn’t guess that she’s a professional hunter and guide. That is, until, you focus in on the boar tusks dangling from her neck. And then ask where she got them.

“I got them from the boar that did this,” she said pointing at a scar on her leg. “He gave me that as a souvenir so I took his tusks as another.”

And that’s not the first battle she’s won in the great outdoors.

Starting at an early age, Sam’s resume spans from fly-fishing in Utah to duck hunting in Arizona, bear hunting in Alaska and plains game in Zimbabwe. Recently, it’s the African side of adventure that’s been calling her most.

“I’ve been working with an outfit called Hunt Essentials out of Botswana,” said Virk. “We have seven locations throughout Southern Africa where you can chase down any big game or plains animal you like.

“You can rough it with tents and sleeping bags or go five stars with linens, wines and a gourmet chef. I’ve only been there a short time but the experience has been incredible.”

Despite her busy schedule, Sam has started looking for ways to help expand female participation in the shooting sports.

“I talked to a local gun club about the possibility of holding a Women on Target Shooting Clinic a few weeks ago,” Virk said. “I told them it would bring in new customers, expand their business and that I’d be happy to help. “

Samantha Virk and a client after a boar hunt
        Samantha Virk poses with a client after a successful boar hunt.


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