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Law Enforcement challenged by rain and themselves at NRA match

Firing a pistol with shotgun in hand at the NRA Louisiana Tactical Police Competition

Grand Cane, Louisiana -The typical sunny days one associates with Louisiana were replaced on Saturday by a chilled rain for NRA's Tactical Police Competition (TPC) at the Long Range Alley Gun Club. Combining rifle, pistol and shotgun, TPCs give each and every participant a chance to really put their law enforcement training to the test.

Added to the usual combination of twist and turns the TPC crew created for each of the seven courses, competitors were also forced to face the falling rain, ever-filling puddles and mountains of mud.

Simply navigating the courses without falling on your face was a challenge. Throw time and accuracy into the mix and suddenly there was a potential for some serious slips and falls. Despite the obstacles, everyone seemed to come out with a smile ... even if it was a muddy one.

Shotgun shooting through an open port at the Long Range Ally Gun Club in Grand Cane, Louisiana

Congratulations to our Patrol and Tactical Division winners:

NRA's 2012 Louisiana Tactical Police Competition
Patrol Division Ting Sun McKinney PD 374.27
Tactical Division Ken Naffziger Lewisville PD 384.97

"We had a great bunch of shooters come out this weekend to compete — just fantastic attitudes," said NRA Manager of Law Enforcement Competitions Marc Lipp. "And the people here at Long Range Alley have been great. It's such a great facility. Beautiful bays, a 1,000 yard range ... you couldn't ask for anything more."

Firing a pistol in the mud at the NRA Tactical in Louisiana

Louisiana's Long Range Alley was the first NRA TPC of the season. In March, we'll have competition #2 at the Skip J Range in Anderson, South Carolina. And NRAblog will be there live to report it all. Find out how you can get involved right here.

Rifleman takes aim from an uncomfortable position at the NRA Louisiana Tactical Police Competition

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