By Lars Dalseide | February 10 2012 13:54

See world famous deer mounts at Pennsylvania Outdoor Show

Hunter Services Manager Bob Davis talks with Eastern patrons about the Great American Whitetail Collection.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - We told you yesterday about the multiple NRA appearances at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. What we didn't tell you, however, was what the different parts of the NRA was putting on display. NRAblog is giving away prizes, Membership is signing up people for memberships and Hunter Services has the Great American Whitetail Collection on display.

Mounts that make up the collection represent "some of the most famous and highest-scoring whitetails in the world." Pieces include the Melom Buck (286-4/8 on the Boone & Crockett Club scale), Vakoch's Buck (41 points from Norman County, Minnesota) and Ohio's "Hole in the Horn" (328 2/8 on the Boone & Crockett with a 33" spread.)

Now these are not the actual mounts that the NRA has on display. Instead they are fiberglass reproductions. After all, we can't expect the hunters who put in the time to harvest such magnificent trophies to just hand them over. But they were kind enough to allow us to create the copies. For that we say thanks.

Part of that thanks is delivered by putting this collection on display. There's one copy that resides in the halls of NRA Headquarters and one that travels to hunting and outdoor shows throughout the United States. For those of you in Pennsylvania, this is your chance to take a gander at some real hunting history.

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