By Lars Dalseide | February 9 2012 10:36

Steve Hoback at NRA range
NRA Senior Training Program Coordinator Steve Hoback firing a World War II era General Motors "Grease Gun"
I popped on up to Steve Hoback's (Senior Training Program Coordinator for NRA's Education & Training Department — aka E&T) office yesterday to find out what was new with E&T.

"Have you heard about the Defensive Pistol course," he asked? No, no I haven't.

Following great anticipation after the initial announcement, it appears that NRA Defensive Pistol classes are about to become a reality.

Created as to bridge the gap between Basic Pistol and the ability to carry concealed, Defensive Pistol concentrates on the skills and mindset necessary to adopt such an undertaking. All that's left is putting the final touches on the syllabus and developing the instructors.

"There'll be a smaller cadres of Advanced Pistol instructors then we have for Basic Pistol," said Hoback. "They're the ones who'll teach the Defensive class."

As with all NRA courses, Defensive Pistol is already listed on If you look now, you might be able to find a class or two in your area. But don't get too worried if it's not ... once final approval is received, the classes will start filling the screen.

Once everything is ready to roll, we'll be sure to announce it here on NRAblog.


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