By Lars Dalseide | February 8 2012 13:24

Shooting Illustrated's Ed Friedman appears to be on a lucky streak as of late. Not only does he get to play with all the guns and gear, but he also has an inside track to some of the most accomplished personalities in the industry. As an example, he's a taste of his interview with American Sniper Chris Kyle: :

An American Hero
I don't get to interview legends every day. Today, I did.
Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle signing books at the 2012 SHOT Show's 5.11 Tactical booth

I just interviewed Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, author of the bestselling book “American Sniper.” Kyle is a genuinely nice guy and extremely modest. What’s more, he is donating 100 percent of his cut of the book’s profit to the families of fallen servicemen and to veterans’ charities.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Kyle is the most prolific sniper in American history, with 160 confirmed kills in Iraq. Despite holding that title (by a wide margin), he does not rank himself as the greatest sniper we’ve produced.

“Carlos Hathcock was the greatest American sniper,” he said. “Just because you have more kills doesn’t make you better. The kills come because of the situation you’re in. I was presented with a lot of targets. The snipers in World War II were given more opportunities than anyone since. Hathcock used all the skills a sniper needs to know—stalking, concealing his movement, waiting for the right moment, etc.—better than anyone. That’s the real skill of being a sniper, not just the final moments of the shot.”

For the rest of this article teaser, head on over to the Shooting Illustrated website now. The full article will go live after Shooting Illustrated hits the newsstand on April 17th.

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