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Colorado blogger brings her family into hunting & the outdoors

Mia Anstine from Wolf Creek Outfitters Mia Anstine runs Wolf Creek Outfitters with her husband Hank. A constant source of hunting fun and information on the social media circuit, I had hoped to interview Mia during the 2012 SHOT Show. That never happened. Not to be deterred, I decided to employ the social media engine and perform that interview via Twitter.

Here's the transcript from yesterday's Twitterview:

Tell me about your first gun
I was 7 when I shot my first .22 pistol. But I got to shoot an Ouzzie when at 8! That's when I learned to love & respect firearms. My first gun that was "all my own" was/is a Winchester .270. I was 26 and decided I was going to put food on the table. Family & friends pitched in to buy it for my birthday!

Why the drive to put food on the table?
I got tired of pitching in for a side of beef and getting all the hamburger. I went hunting with dad and friends as a kid and always enjoyed it. But I wasn't allowed to hunt ... just the guys were. I helped field dress animals and pack them out. He's amazed by me now.

What was your first successful hunt?
First animal I harvested was a wild turkey, then grouse. I spent many years taking my gun on a hike looking for deer & elk. Got my first cow elk after five years of hunting!

Friend, lil Gal & Mia Anstine with an elk via Wolf Creek Outfitters

if Dad didn't let you hunt, did you go off on your own or with someone else for the turkey?
All on my own until I met my husband five years ago. Prior to that I dated a few guys who thought it was cool that I hunted until they realized I REALLY wanted to hunt, not make out in the woods.

You take the lil gal (nickname for her daughter) out for hunts, right? Was it the "not allowed to hunt" experience that inspired such a move?
I was a single mom when I started hunting. I spent every spare moment I could with the Little Gal & she loved to come home to dinner we got in the field. She would get the HUGEST smile when we'd cook up trout she has caught. Now she gets a huge smile when we cook up back straps from HER elk. She's a good provider & the times in the field are priceless.

Mia Anstine and her rainbow trout

Taking the trout angle, are you more of a hunter or an angler?
I love both. Lived on the SanJuan River as a kid & fished like crazy. Mom had to teach me catch & release cuz we had too many. I love hunting cuz I get to see so many amazing places in a day. Always like to ride my horse over the next hill to see what's there.

So why start the blog?
We moved to California when I was a teenager. That's where I learned how blessed I was as a child to be taught to shoot, hunt, fish & respect the outdoors. It started as sharing stories with my grandfather and then spread from there. Some live vicariously through it while others realize they can do it to. It's rewarding to see people step out into the outdoors or even hunting or shooting! I was at a ladies first time shooting event last summer & was proud to learn that one of the (women in attendance) follows my blog.

Oh! By the way - personal goal for 2012: become an NRA certified shooting instructor!

Thanks to Mia for allowing us to steal a few minutes from her afternoon. Keep up with her stories at My Many Outdoor Adventures

Next on the list? Who knows ... but I'm working on a Julie Golob angle.

Mia Anstine heading out for a hunt on horseback

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