By Lars Dalseide | February 1 2012 16:53

After running into Shooting Illustrated's Ed Friedman earlier today, I decided it was about time to highlight another piece from his side of the building. So here's the latest from Ed's colleague Steve Adelmann:

Shooting With Night Vision
Night-vision devices are more affordable than ever, but do you know how to properly use them when the chips are down?

Good night-vision (NV) equipment is more readily available than ever before. While Generation 3 tubes are where premium performance truly begins, reputable Gen. 2 NV gear is still suitable for basic shooting needs. NV optics with Gen. 1 tubes are inexpensive, but they lack the resolution needed to clearly identify targets without an additional light source. I’ve covered image intensified (I²) equipment in past issues of Shooting Illustrated, so here I’ll specifically address the basics of how to incorporate commercial night-vision devices (NVD) into your shooting game.

NVDs used for shooting can be separated into two categories: worn and weapons-mounted. Worn equipment consists of monoculars and goggles/binoculars. Weight distribution is the key to long-term comfort and ease of wear in this category, so look for lighter designs that keep weight closer to the face. The inexpensive head-harness method of wear is also very uncomfortable. We called them “face prisons” in the Army because wearing one is akin to corporal punishment. If a harness is your only mounting choice, suck it up and wear it as tightly as you can tolerate. The NVD’s forward weight will cause the whole setup to flop around unless kept snug.

I hated wearing a helmet in the Army, but when it comes to working at night, the stability offered by helmet mounts cannot be beat. Not all commercial NVDs have this option, and mounting systems are generally unique to a specific type.

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