By Kyle Jillson | January 26 2012 14:45

Hollywood's R. Lee Ermey uses unconventional ear protection

Gunny R. Lee Ermey and Kayne Robinson at the 2012 SHOT Show's Media Day at the Range on NRAblogLas Vegas, Nevada - Before drawing long lines for autographs, photos and handshakes at SHOT Show, Gunny R. Lee Ermey was making his presence known during Media Day at Glock's shooting bay.

In addition to being a member of Team Glock, the infamous retired Gunnery Sergent is an NRA Board Member and a big proponent of law enforcement shooting (that day he could be seen sporting his jacket from last year's NRA National Police Shooting Championships).

Being a popular figure at an event set up specifically for the media, Gunny found himself constantly in front of cameras. It was nonstop photographs, videos, and interviews throughout the day.

While passing by the Glock booth, NRA General Operations Executive Director Kayne Robinson stepped in to say hello. While waiting for a lull in the interviews, we noticed a flash of light every time Gunny turned his head. Something odd was sticking out of his ears — bullets.

The Gunny's unique take on ear protection on NRAblogUnable to resist, we discovered (thankfully) that there weren't live rounds in his ears. Putting a twist on regular foam ear plugs, Gunny had picked up a couple spent 9mm casings and pinched his ear plugs down so that they could fit inside.

Apparently he's been doing it for years.

After laughing about his unique approach to ear protection, we let Gunny get back to the waiting cameras, took a few photos of our own and went on our way.


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