By Lars Dalseide | January 20 2012 13:58

Prois Hunting & Field Apparel focuses on the female market

Prois Elevation Series at SHOT Show Las Vegas, Nevada - As it says on her website, Prois Hunting & Field Apparel CEO Kristie Pike is proud to NOT be one of the guys. It’s not required in our sport. After all, hunting is a discipline that can be mastered by all … especially if you have the right gear. With that mission in mind, Prois unveiling their new Elevation Series here at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas Nevada.

“We’re really excited about the new Elevation Series,” said the Colorado based Pike. “It answers the call for the more performance, aggressive hunts that take you up into high altitude for sheep, goat, elk and muley. The kind of hunting we do in our neck of the woods. ”

Prois’ Elevation is a layered system based off a polyester interlock with anti-microbial materials. Easier to wear, easier to breath (the material, not the woman) and easier to soldier on with a pack on your back.

“We skimmed down on the accessories, added the hardcore shell for breathable water proofing and allow to user to maintain their athletic edge.”

Working with the National Rifle Association

As a sponsor of NRA’s Women on Target Hunting programs, Prois will be providing the ladies who participate in our events with a variety of support.

“Prois offers gear to the NRA hunt coordinators, discounts to those who participate in events and even emptied out our offices to help man the Women’s Wilderness Escape in Raton, New Mexico,” said Pike.

They’ll also be involved in the new Women’s Outdoor Adventure at the Castle Rock Shooting Center in Kentucky. Not only to supply staff and gear, but to put on the Adventure’s fashion show. So what will you see there?

“Not everyone who goes through the program is going to be a hard core hunter,” explained Pike. “So you’re going to see a selection of camo gear, shooting gear and a few other things.”

For some reason, the “few other things” comment made me curious. What other things?

“I can’t tell you that,” chuckled Pike. “But it’s not going to be me.”

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