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Officer Janine Triolo tells the crowd how a Safariland product saved her life on NRAblog

Las Vegas, Nevada - Wednesday afternoon at the Safariland booth, the law enforcement and security products manufacturer honored five members of the law enforcement community whose lives were saved by Safariland products.

A large crowd gathered to hear the officers tell their harrowing tales and how they may have been seriously injured or even killed if it weren't for a high quality Safariland product protecting them.

Members of Safariland's Saves Club are individuals who, during the line of duty, experienced a life-threatening critical incident where their Safariland armor or gear contributed to saving their life. To date, there have been over 3,000 saves, over 1,700 of which are Safariland Saves.

Officer Marlin Reynolds talks about how a Safariland product saved his life on NRAblog

The five officers and their stories are as follows, as per Safariland:

Officer Malin Reynolds, SAVE #1779, Idaho Falls Police Department
In June 2011, Officer Reynolds joined a search for a wanted suspect who had fled from the State Police. When they encountered the suspect’s vehicle, the suspect fled to his residence. While being pursued, the assailant shot Officer Reynolds on his Second Chance® Summit SM01 Level II vest just one inch from the edge. Officer Reynolds was still able to tackle the assailant to the floor where he and other officers returned fire, killing the assailant. Officer Reynolds was taken to the local hospital as a precaution. This was the first confirmed NIJ 0101.06 ballistic Save for Safariland.

Officer Katie Lawson, SAVE #1742, Oklahoma City Police Department
On August 29, 2010, Officer Lawson was leaving the scene of a traffic stop when she observed a suspicious person. The suspect immediately opened fire with an AR-15 with multiple rounds going through the door and windows of Officer Lawson’s patrol car. Though wounded, Officer Lawson exited her car and returned fire giving chase to her now fleeing attacker. She radioed the location of the attackers and all three were eventually taken into custody.  She was hit six times during the gun fire, but her ABA® armor took the hits and saved her life.

Sgt. Bob Mefford, SAVE #1770, West Virginia State Police
On March 19, 2011, Sgt. Bob Mefford was working with the WVSP Special Response Team as they responded to a call of a barricaded suspect who was firing toward the officers. Upon entry into the residence, the assailant fired upon the team with a .357 Magnum round, fatally wounding the K9 and striking Sgt. Mefford on the bottom edge of PROTECH® Rapid Response armor. Sgt. Mefford was initially removed from the residence but re-entered to assist on the final sweep. The assailant was found deceased from a gunshot wound. Sgt. Mefford was treated by EMTs at the scene and released. He immediately returned to duty.

Sgt. Randy Crowther, Orem, Utah Police Department
Sgt. Crowther and another officer attempted to detain a man who was the object of a disturbance complaint at an apartment complex. During a scuffle to detain the man, the suspect grabbed the grip of Sgt. Crowhter’s service pistol, which was secured in his Safariland® Raptor 6270 holster. Sgt. Crowther’s focus immediately shifted to retaining his pistol, and the fight went to the ground. Sgt. Crowther was confident enough in his holster’s capabilities to retain his service pistol that he was able to draw his concealed back up pistol and eventually gain compliance. Sgt. Crowther credits his Safariland duty holster with giving him the confidence to focus on the fight, eventually draw his back up pistol, and by doing so was spared serious injury or death.

Officer Janine Triolo, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
Officer Janine Triolo was in the process of patting down a large, 18-year old male suspect when the suspect turned and pulled a handgun from his waistband. The handgun malfunctioned, so the suspect used it to hit her several time in the face, knocking the officer to the ground. The suspect then attempted to grab Officer Triolo’s weapon from her Safariland® Model 6280 SLS™ Duty Holster, literally lifting her from the ground. The suspect was unable to gain control of her weapon as it stayed secure in the holster. Continuing to beat her, he then crawled on top of her, reaching again for his handgun. At this point, Officer Triolo was able to reach down, draw her weapon from her Safariland holster and shoot the suspect who later died.

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