By Lars Dalseide | January 18 2012 19:05

Norma USA opens ammo operations in America

Norma Ammunition CEO Torbjörn Lindskog and NRA's Kayne Robinson at SHOT Show 2012Las Vegas, Nevada - I’ll be the first to admit that I know very little about about guns. If there’s a question about a particular firearm, either I’ll place a call to the boys over in the NRA National Firearms Museum or run over to the NRA Publications office down the hall. And Brinkman, yes, sometimes I’ll ask NRAblog’s Kerrin Brinkman too. But when it comes to ammunition, the first place I go for the info is NRA General Operations Executive Director Kayne Robinson.

Whether you’re target shooting, varmint hunting or heading out for an African safari, Kayne can tell you exactly what ammo you’re going to need. That’s why I went to him when we started talking about writing a post on Norma USA.

Launched right here at the 2012 SHOT Show, Norma USA kicks off production with complete line of US, European and Weatherby component cases for their customers.

I kept asking Robinson questions until finally he volunteered to conduct the interview himself. I countered with the idea of having an NRANews crew film the meeting and to make a long story short … you should soon be able to see NRA’s Kayne Robinson interviewing Norma Ammunition CEO Torbjörn Lindskog about the launch of Norma USA.

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