By Lars Dalseide | January 17 2012 15:55

Television, manufacturing and blogging celebrities descend upon Las Vegas for SHOT Show

Lars and Anne-Marie Rhodes and a corner image of Jay Grazio and Dr. Gene Garris at SHOT Show As I told you earlier, the first part of day one here at the SHOT Show was spent running around saying hello. Quite the undertaking considering the size and scope of the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. On the calendar for introductions was Matteo over at Beretta and Fredy from But that's hardly where it stops.

While making my way over to the Beretta booth, I happened upon Davidson's (of Davidson's Gallery of Guns) where I ran into Anne-Marie Rhodes. A host on the Sportsman Channel, Anne-Marie and I have been talking about guns, Top Shot and web design via twitter over the past few months. I can't speak for her, but it was nice for me to finally have a little one on one interaction. Course, receiving an introduction to Davidson's CEO Bryan Tucker wasn't too bad either.

Then it was off to the Brownells'/NRA Youth Shooting Sports Ambassador's luncheon followed by a pit stop in the Press Room. Press Room pit stops are a must for any and all reporting from SHOT Show. There's a quality wireless connection, plenty of places to write and the ability to reflect upon pictures and notes without the distraction of the show.

Finding the Blogging Celebs

The SHOT Show press room is where I ran into Jay Grazio from Marooned and Dr. Gene Garris of America's Radio Show out of Columbia, South Carolina. After trading quips, I asked the two what they get out of attending SHOT.

"The great thing about SHOT Show is there are all chiefs and no indians," said Garris. "You get to talk to the guys who can write a check, send you products and get things done."

"Where else are you going to find this kind of exposure," added Grazio

Quite true. After all, SHOT is filled with a plethora of dealers, retailers and firearm industry insiders. And if you happen to run into a television personality like Anne-Marie, well, that ain't too bad either.

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