By Kyle Jillson | January 17 2012 19:00
Linda Kennedy of LOKSAK on NRAblog

Linda Kennedy is the President of LOKSAK, the woman-owned small business that manufacturers the element-proof aLOKSAK transport and storage bags that will protect your valuables from just about anything except bullets.

These aren't the same little baggies you can pick up at the grocery store for your sandwiches.

Patented with a leakproof, airtight seal, aLOKSAK bags have been certified by Scuba Schools International, who left cell phones in the bags for two weeks under 200 feet of water.

When you come up to LOKSAK's booth, the first thing you'll notice are the cell phones submerged in fish tanks with their phone numbers posted on the glass. I got a kick out of watching the phone light up underwater when I gave it a call.

These bags come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all types of electronics and cases – including iPads. You can even fit an OtterBox inside one of their bags, which would make your phone practically indestructable.

LOKSAK even has bags large enough for handguns and rifles to be placed inside; very handy on a hunt or any time you'll be outside for long periods of time with your firearm.

Stop by LOKSAK's booth at SHOT Show this week at #20625 and see for yourself how tough these bags are.

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