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Media Day at the Range allows firearm and outdoor journalists to review and fire guns slated for release in 2012

Detours to SHOT Show's Media Day

There were plenty of detours in our attempts to make it to SHOT Show's Media Day in Boulder City, Nevada. But whether it be construction by the road crew or failed Google Map search, we we're about to let them stop us from seeing some of the best new firearm and outdoor gears in action.

Aimpoint president Lennart Ljungfelt talks with NRA General Operations Executive Director Kayne Robinson at SHOT Show's Media Day

First on the list was Aimpoint. Reason number one, of course, was alphabetical. The second reason was the new simulator they debuted at the event.

Mimicking real life hunting situations, first you choose an animal to hunt, the terrain and off you go. After firing a few shots, the simulator displays your rifle movements while following the prey. Do you consistently shoot above or behind the firing zone? Are you following the sweet spot? Do you jerk and shoot or smoothly zero in? After all, knowing why missing means the next one won't get away.

Vendor booth at SHOT Show's Media Day

Then it was off the rest of the booths. Everything from custom map makers like MyTopo to outfitters like Eddie Bauer to firearm manufacturers like Beretta. With all of these options available, the toughest part of the day was making it to all the booths on the list.

Shooting an AR at SHOT Show's Media Day

So who exactly was on the list? It would be easier to tell you who wasn't on the list. Come to think of it ... there probably wasn't anyone who didn't make the list. This became even more apparent as the day drew to a close and I realized we were less then halfway through the vendors.

Unfortunately, that meant that we had to skip a few of the notables and hit the top remaining stops on the list. One was Yamaha for their ATV rides and the other was Colt's reproduction of the 1877 Bulldog Gatling Gun. Though each shooter was only allowed enough rounds to get you through a crank or two, it was well worth the wait.

Don't think so? Really? When's the last time you shot a Gatling Gun? For me, it was January 16th at SHOT Show's 2012 Media Day at the Range.

Firing a Gatling Gun at the SHOT Show Media Day


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