By Lars Dalseide | January 15 2012 09:27

Gearing up for NRA's coverage of the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada

That's approximately the view that I'm going to have next week while we're in Las Vegas, Nevada for SHOT Show. The worlds largest gathering of Shooters, Hunters and Outdoorsmen, SHOT is an event that dealers, retailers and journalist look forward to all year ... and it's not just because of Vegas.

For me, at least, it's about the people. The people we run into at these type of shows that (let's be honest) you probably would never met in real life. People like C.J. Buck of Buck Knives, R. Lee Ermey who'll be there representing both Glock and SOG or Holly Eyster of Haley Vines Outdoor Collection. These are the people who can tell you what to expect for this year's market as well as what may come in the future.

Right about now I'm boarding the flight that's taking me there (with a short hop into Phoenix, Arizona). As of 3:30 p.m. local time, I should be well on my way to the Mirage. From there we'll figure out exactly how we're going to cover the event and all that it has to offer. Just thinking about it makes my feet hurt already.

Until then, I'll start with the unpacking, figure out what to wear for Media Day at the Range (forecast is predicting a frosty outing) and how to get back in time for a meeting with Van from Yamaha Outdoors.

Like I said, people you're probably never going to meet in real life.

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