By Lars Dalseide | January 8 2012 08:40

Early Christmas present arrives at NRA Headquarters

NRA's Guns and Gold premiered on the Sportsman Channel earlier this month (airing sundays at 6:30 with repeats on monday, tuesday & thursday). But before the show hit homes across America, another section of the Sportsman Channel arrived at NRA headquarters to spread a little Christmas cheer.

spices and cookbook from the sportsman channel Christmas is always about giving ... but when you receive, well, that isn't too bad either. Like several Christmases gone by, there was a little more giving then receiving this time around. But that just means you appreciate the gifts you receive all that much more.

Like the item I found on my desk from Michelle Scheuermann of the Sportsman Channel. A big 'ole box filled with gourmet fish, cajun campfire, trail dust and western grill seasonings. And just to make sure all the new spices and seasons don't go to waste, she threw in a cookbook from Scott Leysath, The Sporting Chef.

Host of HuntFishCook on the Sportsman Channel, Leysath has been a professional chef for decades. Known for his ability to turn the day's catch into a gourmet feast, the California based cuisinier is known for showing hunters and anglers how to prepare their bounty so that the standard fishy and gamey flavor is nothing more than a distant memory.

So thanks to Michelle for the surprise. Thought I haven't thrown anything on the grill just yet, I'm looking forward to putting the goods from this Christmas offering to use. Although I'm guessing I should probably hold off using any of those spices on my pizza.


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