By Lars Dalseide | December 30 2011 11:32

Lars' #1 Story from 2011 - Tom Selleck's visit to the National Firearms Museum

I've "met" Tom Selleck at a number of events over the years. The first time was at a Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada during my days producing NRANews. Next at an NRA Annual Meeting, then a SHOT Show and most recently during his visit this summer to the National Firearms Museum. But this time ... this time was different.

For this time I was actually able to talk to the man. Not that he's unapproachable, just that I have a rule when it comes to approaching celebrities when I'm working for the NRA. Basically, if they're already dealing with a crowd then I leave them alone. Needless to say, Selleck is always dealing with a crowd. But this time it was different. A special visit to the Robert E. Petersen Gallery followed by a casual meeting with staff meant the rule no longer applied.

After a walk through the Gallery (Bob Petersen was a personal friend of Selleck's), we retired to a private location here at the NRA and talked. Well, I really sat and listened more than anything else, but the rest of them talked. Bottled up inside were questions about Magnum, p.i., the Jessie Stone series and his work with the NRA. But the conversation was jumping from firearms to movie sets to baseball and I wasn't about to stop the flow.

Nonetheless, as Selleck is one of my all-time favorite actors (no offense to Joe) and having him here at the NRA was a huge boon, it's Tom Selleck's visit to the National Firearms Museum that earns top billing on my stories of the year list.

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