By Lars Dalseide | December 26 2011 12:21

Kyle Jillson takes first prize in the NRAblog airgun shoot off at the 2011 Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh We've seen a lot of action this year at NRAblog. From California to Texas to Ohio to Pennsylvania and beyond, we've crisscrossed the country a time or two in our attempt to cover as much of the National Rifle Association's activities as possible. So what is our top story of year? Well ... that's definitely a subject that's up for discussion.

There's national competitions, celebrity sightings, big time events and more to choose from. How did we choose what made the list? That was a bit tough.

Kerrin already has her list all locked up, I'm working on a more of a seat of your pants-type concept and Kyle, oh Kyle. With Kyle you never know.

Starting tomorrow we'll count down from five to one. Stay tuned, stick tight and enjoy the ride.

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