By Lars Dalseide | December 25 2011 08:54

There's a been a great deal of discussion around the office as to what actually constitutes the twelve days of Christmas. The primary point of contention is when you're supposed to start counting ... before Christmas or after. Internet research suggests the count start on the big day and run through the new year. A number of our colleagues, however, think it starts on the 13th and finishes on Christmas Day.

To avoid such contention, we decided to drop all twelve days of our NRA Christmas in today's post. With that being said ... here we go with the first few days:

  1. 10-time NPSC Champion Philip Hemphill On the first day of Christmas we recognize Captain Philip Hemphil (Ret.) of the Mississippi Highway Patrol for his first NRA National Pistol Championship at Camp Perry. Though he already had 10 National Police Shooting Championships under his belt, winning the big one at Camp Perry has been a long ventured quest that Captain Hemphill can finally mark off his list.
  2. For the second day of Christmas, we celebrate the second season of the Friends of NRA show on the Outdoor Channel. Moving to 10pm Eastern on Wednesday nights, the show has received grand reviews and looks forward to an even stronger second go around.
  3. The third is a double shot of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Robert Vadasz. Not only did Vadasz win his third National Police Shooting Championship, but he also added his third Bianchi Cup Metallic Division title to his resume. Now the only question is will he return for a double shot on day four next year.
  4. On the fourth day of Christmas returns to the MidwayUSA/NRA Bianchi Cup and it's four stages or Events. There's the Moving Target, Barricade, Practical & Falling Place that must be mastered in order to call yourself champ and each is quite the humdinger.

    David Tubb accepting congratulations after winning the Wimbledon Cup on NRAblog

  5. There's another double dose of NRA fun on day number five as we look towards Competitions and Field Operations. For Competitions, we saw David Tubb walk away with his fifth Tompkins Trophy for the National Long Range High Power Championship. Now this is Tubb's sixth title, but only the fifth since we changed the awarded trophy to the Tompkins. For Field Operations, we give our thanks to the five regional directors (Eastern, Central, Southern, Mid West and Western Regions) who oversee the operation of Friends of NRA events in multiple states throughout the year.
  6. It's our six Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors we all hail to on day number six. Sponsored by Brownells, they come from the Boy Scouts of America, National High School Rodeo Association, USA Shooting, Royal
  7. Rangers, BSA Venturing and the National Rifle Association. And if you're at SHOT next January, you'll get a chance to meet them live and in person.

    The list is growing awful long so we'll take a quick break and give you the final six in a couple of hours ... hope you're enjoying the day!

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