By Lars Dalseide | December 4 2011 08:20

Fairfax, Virginia - At the end of every year, the National Rifle Association recognizes those who have worked at the Association over the years. Starting with those who have five years under their belt and moving up in five year intervals, all employees gathered in the headquarters atrium to pay their respect for such service.

Needless to say, a big round of applause went out to Carolyn Chin and her forty-five years here at the NRA.

Most of the recipients were in the building although some where still on the road. The rest who are mentioned below yet failed to make it in the slideshow above, well, that's my fault and my lousy camera settings. Nonetheless, here are those who've served between 45 and 20 years here at the NRA:

45 Year
Carolyn E. Chin, Competitive Shooting

35 Year
Mary M. Corrigan, Executive Offices
Lourdes F. Kite, Publications
Mark S. Ness, Executive Offices

25 Year
Michael A. Krei, Competitive Shooting
Douglas M. Wicklund, National Firearms Museum
Robert L. Davis, Jr., Education & Training
Brian A. Judy, ILA
Jack E. Baird, Whittington Center
Patricia Steinmetz, Executive Offices
Michael C. Ballew, Advancement
Jose R. Fernandez, Administrative Services

20 Year
Edward E. Worley, ILA | Charles H. Mitchell, Education & Training | Mark H. Overstreet, ILA | Robert W. Marcario, Membership | Glen A. Caroline, ILA | Cynthia Welborn, Whittington Center | Robert G. Pew, ILA | William E. Trible, National Firearms Museum | Jocelyn C. Armstrong-Fuller, ILA


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