By Lars Dalseide | December 2 2011 10:42
According to firearms historian Mike Parker, in the American Rifleman series "I have this old gun," why the Germans ever designed and manufactured the MP41 submachine gun is "a minor mystery." Pieces and parts and functions of the MP41 were similar in many ways to the MP38 and MP40 ... with a few exceptions.

"The main differences," explains the Rifleman's Glenn Gilbert, "is select fire and a fixed wooden stock rather than a folding one like on the MP40."

"I have this old gun ..." is a video series manned by the staff at the NRA's American Rifleman. With more than a hundred videos covering the background of popular and curio guns, the MP41 appears to be have a truly odd upbringing.

"It was originally designed for the German Police," said Gilbert. "But pressures of the war meant that the guns were often transferred from the hands of the German police to the German military."

"The MP41 was never massed produced in the same numbers as you see in the 38s and 40s," said National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Phil Schreier. "There is not a great following for the gun because of it's scarcity and rarity."

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