By Lars Dalseide | November 29 2011 17:28
The range is set at NRA headquarters for the Women's basic pistol class About twenty minutes ago, the ever popular Ladies' Basic Pistol class began at the NRA Headquarters Range. Usually ranging from 12 to 18 students, it can be an effort just to make it through the door.

"It's the most popular class we have," said Customer Service Representative Debbie Crews. "Keeping it at that number means more personalized lessons for the women who attend."

Take place over the course of two days, the class is unique in that students move from the classroom to the range in a matter of minutes instead of days. That way, the lessons they learn are still fresh in their mind.

"We have people from the medical field, the legal field, from all walks of life," said Bonlyn, one of the instructors. "There are teenagers taking classes with their mothers, single moms — all sorts of women."

"They're here to gain some order of control," said Bonlyn's teaching partner. "They want to know that they can protect themselves should the need arise. And we're proud to share the knowledge."

There's just one stipulation should you decide to give it a try. No husbands, no brothers, no boyfriends, no men at all are allowed through the doors. This one is all for the ladies.

For more information the classes available at the Headquarters Range, send them an email at or call (703) 267-1402.


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