By Lars Dalseide | November 23 2011 07:31

Whit Fentem with the new NRA Range Flag A few times a day, someone will pop a head into my office doorway and throw out a question along the lines of, "Lars, you got a second?"

If that voice has touch of an Oklahoma twang, odds are it's Whit Fentem, Controller of General Operations' Material Center. What that means is that Whit has his finger all the inventory for NRA's Program Materials Center. The toys, the clothes, the books, awards and pins. If there's ever a question as to whether or not we have something in the inventory, Whit's the man to ask.

But he's not without asking himself. On occasion, he'll stop by Media Relations for a quick of one of his new products. So far this year, I've shot hats, shirts, books and flags. Today it was back to the flags.

Specifically the NRA Range Flag.

What's a Range Flag? It's the flag you fly when the range is hot. A big bright red flag with the Association's seal and NRA in big white block letters, if the flag is flying then all appropriate precautions must be observed.

The NRA Range Flag

Priced out at $24.95, it's a must have for every range.

So I took the picture today, it'll go up on the Program Materials Center website tomorrow and then the process will start all over again. Soon enough, I'll be working on a project when that Oklahoma twang and Southern smile will pop in with a request for shots of the new goodie.

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