By Lars Dalseide | November 22 2011 07:51

Firing on the opening target at the one and two hand accuracy course

As Marc Lipp (NRA's Manager of Law Enforcement Competitions) likes to say, Tactical Police Competitions are an extension of training. The courses and scenarios we create simulate what any officer could expect to face in the field. That's exactly what they were thinking when they designed the One and Two Hand Accuracy course for the San Antonio match.

Racing between the walls at the San Antonio TPC

If you're right handed, you start on the right (the opposite is true for left handed competitors) side of the course and fire with your dominant hand. After scoring two shots, advance to firing area #2 and engage the next 2-3 targets. As you make your way through the gates and to the center, use two hands to fire upon the silhouette bullseye before switching to your off-hand for the remaining targets inside the remaining gates.

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