By Lars Dalseide | November 21 2011 15:41

Sylvia Schneider receives a minute man award at the 2011 Veterans Day Shoot There's a lot of work that goes into organizing events here at the National Rifle Association. Facilities have to be booked, refreshments ordered, volunteers to be coordinated and much much more. At this month's Veterans Day Shoot, for example, there were also prizes to be wrangle, ammunition donations to be arranged, etc, etc ...

That work fell upon the shoulders of our very own Sylvia Schneider. Sylvia has been working here since, well, since before I started working here. First at the Headquarters Range and now up on the 6th floor, she's been involved with the Veterans Day Shoot since day one. And that effort has not gone unnoticed.

That recognition came by way of a presentation at this year's Veterans Day Shoot. One of the groups that helps coordinate the veteran groups, and who wishes that their generous efforts remain anonymous, presented Sylvia with a Minute Man statue as a way of saying thanks.

"We've been working with Syliva on this event for a number of years now," said the presenter. "It's a great night that wouldn't be possible without her."

Completely unexpected, Sylvia was almost brought to tears by the gesture.

"Their generosity caught me by surprise," Schneider later said. "Holding this event here at the NRA is a small way of saying thank you to those who give up so much to protect our freedom. This statue is going to rest in a place of honor, right on my desk, for everyone to see."

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