By Lars Dalseide | November 18 2011 16:44

Signed copy of The Illustrated History of Firearms I walked into my office the other day to find a package sitting in my chair. It was a plain package, no wrapping and looked a bit suspicious. As what probably happens in other office, practical jokes can be abound (my favorite being a balloon filled office) so I was a touch suspicious upon approach.

Ripping that baby open, I found a copy of the National Firearms Museum's new book The Illustrated History of Firearms resting inside. As I began to thumb through, I discovered that it was not just a copy, but a signed copy. Three hundred pages of firearms bliss created by the staff down there on the second floor. Those guys ... I was touched by the gesture.

It appears, however, that signed copies of books written by those working at the National Firearms Museum can be had by all. If you go to the Firearms Museum's store webpage at, you'll see a list of those books just waiting to be had.

Not a bad gift for that hard to shop for firearms enthusiast. After all, Christmas is right around the corner.

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