By Kerrin Brinkman | October 28 2011 10:28

Shooting USA just featured the NRA Bianchi Cup on this week's episode, and if you're interested in trying out the competition's unique course of fire, here's your chance. Peacemaker National Training Center is a new shooting and training facility that recently opened near Glengary, West Virginia. I've had the pleasure of shooting at this expansive facility, and now it's open to the public and accepting members. 

We'll be bringing you more on Peacemaker in the coming weeks, but one unique feature of this range is that it has all of the target systems needed to shoot the course of fire for the NRA Bianchi Cup. And this weekend, the public can take a look at these target systems and try their hand at the same events shot by Bianchi Cup competitors. Here's a look at all the information on Peacmaker's Bianchi Cup Weekend: 

If you aren't familiar with the NRA Bianchi Cup, it's NRA’s premier pistol competition, known as the richest and most prestigious shooting tournament in the world. The Bianchi Cup course of fire requires a specialized set of target systems including:

Peacemaker has these systems for you to try and they will be running and staffed this weekend. Typically, these target systems and ranges are open only to Members and Law Enforcement. But this weekend, non-members can take a shot at the Bianchi Cup events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! The cost to shoot the Bianchi Cup course of fire is just $30 per day, all you can shoot. Peacemaker ammunition and targets are required for non-members, but don’t worry - Peacemaker Ammo is on par with Wal-Mart prices!

For more information on Peacemaker National Training Center including directions to the range, visit or call 304-229-GUNS. Check out all of our Bianchi Cup coverage right here on NRAblog and take a look at this video from Shooting Sports USA that gives you a better look at Bianchi Cup's course of fire.  

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