By Lars Dalseide | October 27 2011 17:18

Burgess Rifle from American Rifleman online Seeing as how John Popp dragged the NRANews crew all the way out Raton, New Mexico to visit the NRA Whittington Center, he wanted to make sure there would be something special for the final episode of Curator's Corner Goes West. Not one to disappoint, Whittington Director Wayne Amracost pulled out a Colt Burgess Rifle & Carbine.

Starting off as a photographer, Andrew Burgess eventually stepped into the firearms business back in 1871. Although he had almost 900 patents to his name, it was the Colt-Burgess rifle that those of us around the NRA remember him for.

Similar in kind to the Winchester 1873, the Colt-Burgess had a shorter receiver, a bigger breech bolt and a sliding gate instead of a tilting loading gate. Available in both the rifle (fifteen shots) and carbine (twelve shots), there were only a little more than 6,000 made after (allegedly) Winchester threatened to go into the handgun business if Colt didn't get out of the rifle business.

To learn more about Colt-Burgess rifles and carbines, tune in tonight at 10:40 eastern time as the Whittington Center's Wayne Armacost joins NRANews producer John Popp in Raton for Curator's Corner Going West or Sirius/XM Patriot Satellite Radio.


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