By Kyle Jillson | October 21 2011 13:28

Youth Education Summit participant Theodore Mikrut teaches Cub Scouts about Eddie Eagle. Sandwich, Illinois - 2011 Y.E.S. alumnus Theodore Mikrut participated in the Boy Scouts Three Fires Council Camporall last weekend at the Sandwich Fairgrounds in Illinois. The three-day event was enticing enough to draw almost 4,000 people who gathered despite the high winds and brisk October temperatures.

Before being allowed onto the range that weekend, every Cub Scout at Camporall was taught about the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program by Mikrut to ensure any scout interested in shooting was introduced to proper safety information.

Despite the loss of a few Eddie Eagle posters due to the high winds, Theo managed to make sure each Scout saw and understood the informational poster.

When the range closed, Theo continued to educate Scouts by handing out Eddie Eagle stickers to kids still in line. 

In addition to teaching Eddie Eagle's important message of "STOP! Don't Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult." if you see a gun, Theo was also selected by NRA Training Councilor Jim Appleby to assist in teaching range safety and introducing shooters to the parts and function of rifles for safer instruction while on the range.

Theo is no stranger to teaching Scouts safe firearm handling. This most recent participation brings his total to almost 1500 Scouts and Scouters educated to date.

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