By Lars Dalseide | October 19 2011 10:55

Last night on The History Channel's Top Shot – titled "Wheel of Fire" – started with an H&K on the big wheel and a Steyr SPP on a zip line. To get ready for the initial challenge, competitors were strapped on a wheel, spun into different firing positions and practice with the H&K SP89 ... a 9mm civilian version of the H&K MP5K.

Pic From The History Channel - Gary shooting on the Wheel of Fire on last night's episode of Top Shot

Taking a page out of your favorite carnival ride, contestants were secured in place and rotated in a 33 foot circle. First spin to acclimate and the second spin to nail the twenty targets. Some performed better than others. Although Chris took top honors, it was Dustin Ellermann of Zavalla, Texas who evoked "That kid, he is something else," from a fellow competitor.

The two who didn't perform better and received Elimination Round nominations were Zombie Mike (he returned from Top Shot dead when Jake quit the show) and Alex. And if you thought the Wheel of Fire was fun, how about a zip line?

Pic from The History Channel - Alex goes 12 for 20 on the Zip Line during the Top Shot elimination challenge

With a Steyr Special Purpose Pistol in hand, Alex and Mike were propelled backwards down a zip line, 20 feet in the air at 15 miles per hour. Alex looked good after nailing 12 out of 20 targets but Mike, the Zombie, the Clark Kent Clone, the Robot (all monikers flying around on twitter last night) went 20 for 20. Zombies rule.

Next week is the final episode of Top Shot Season 3. Two elimination challenges until the final two competitors go head to head for the big prize. Early numbers are pointing towards Dustin, but you never know. Chris eked in a challenge win and Zombie Mike was unbelievable during the elimination round. Then there's Gary ... all good enough to walk away with the win. This is going to be fun.

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