By Lars Dalseide | October 15 2011 10:21

Friends of NRA TV host Matt Duff takes a break during a shoot in Wyoming Glen Rock, Wyoming - As the weather turns from warm to cold, thoughts start to shift to images of island sands, Caribbean sun and the tickling touch of a tropical breeze. Unless you're American Rifleman Editor-in-Chief Mark Keefe. Instead of finding a warm weather getaway, Mark decided to head out to Tillard's 55 Rance in Glen Rock. But you can't really blame him ... they've got some great hunting out there.

And he wasn't alone for the pre-winter ride. As luck would have it, the crew from Friends of NRA TV was there to shoot part of an episode for season two of the show. They were hard at work, as you can see to the right, making sure they were there to capture an authentic representation of Friends events.

Also part of the crowd was Ed Weatherby who, you guessed it, runs gun and ammo manufacturer Weatherby, Inc. Using one of his own rifles, specifically a Vanguard Series 2 in .257 Weatherby Magnum, Ed found himself a mule deer at 220 yards.

Mark Keefe and his pronghorn antelope at the Tillard's 55 RanchMark, on the other hand, decided to go after a pronghorn antelope. Also using a Vanguard Series 2 and .257 Weatherby Magnum ammo, he wasn't leaving empty handed. Finally finding an antelope only 80 yards out, he embraced the cold and fired. A quick walk through the chilled Wyoming air proved his aim to be true and his pride to be full.

But that's of little surprise. As Editor-in-Chief of American Rifleman, Mark has been around firearms for decades. That means that he's a pretty good shot, knows some pretty good places to go hunting and that he can handle pretty much anything with a trigger. Add the added pressure of an industry heavyweight and a tv crew along for the ride – there's no chance he'd miss.

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