By Lars Dalseide | October 13 2011 13:43

Norman Anderson of the US Army Reserve Shooting Team in Australia, courtesy of Dave Cloft Brisbane, Australia - On the right in the "Coach" outfit we see Norman Anderson. Norm is a long range high power shooter for the U.S. Army Reserve Shooting Team. Today is a special day for Norm for a few reasons. First, he's in Brisbane for the 2011 World Rifle Championships at the Belmont Rifle Range. Second, he's currently in first place as day three of the National Queen's Prize match is about to begin. Third, it's his birthday ... happy birthday Norm.

The Queen's Prize is a three day match shot at 300, 500 and 600 yards on day one, 500, 800 and 900 yards on day two followed by 900 and 1,000 yards on day three. So far, Norm has yet to drop a shot on any target. But that doesn't mean he's in the clear as there are plenty of competitors nipping at his heels. And then there's the weather.

"It's windy as heck," said fellow Army Reserve Shooting Team member Dave Cloft. "There's been some rain and the forecast calls for more."

Sounds a little like Camp Perry, aye?

Birthday or not, now's the time for Norm to focus. With more than forty shooters within three points of the lead, including 2009 Long Range High Power champ Sherri Gallagher (298-041x), 2010 Long Range High Power winner John Whidden (see below) and Cloft (297-028), he's sure to have his hands full once day three begins.

The Queen's Prize Match
  Norman Anderson USA Rifle 300-034X
  David Luckman GB Rifle 299-040X 
  Petrus Haasbroek SA Rifle 299-036X
  Angus Bell AUS Rifle 299-035X
  Ben Emms Lundhurst 299-034x
  Jim Bailey AUS Rifle 299-033x
  John Whidden USA Rifle 299-033X
  Mirko Teglasi Canada Rifle 299-031X 
  Colin Cole North Arm 299-031X
  Jim Jeffery AUS Rifle 299-029X

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