By Lars Dalseide | October 8 2011 10:22

Eddie Eagle Manager Eric Lipp congratulates Border Patrol Agent Kevin Worrell for winning the 2011 NPSC Eddie Eagle contest Albuquerque, New Mexico - Eddie Eagle has been traveling across the country for more than twenty years now. With videos, coloring books and stickers, it helps ingrain his life saving message of: “If you see a gun: STOP! Don’t Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult." But the biggest asset in getting across these four simple steps is the Eddie Eagle mascot costume.

"The kids light up with you come in with the costume," said National Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program Manager Eric Lipp. "It's by far our most popular and effective tool."

So popular that NRA Law Enforcement decided to give one away at the 2011 National Police Shooting Championships in Albuquerque.

Throughout the week, hundreds of Law Enforcement Officers threw their names in the proverbial hat in hopes that the costume would end up in their department. And the lucky winner? Border Patrol Agent Kevin Worrell.

"We're pretty active with the Laredo (Texas) community," said Worrell. "This costume will make our work a whole lot easier. I can think of a half dozen places right off the bat where I can put it to use."

If you'd like to learn more about the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program, visit their website at

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