By Lars Dalseide | October 7 2011 17:29

Easybird and box after box filled with clay pigeons Fairfax, Virginia - You never know what you're going to find when walking the halls here at the National Rifle Association. There's a polar bear in the lobby, trophies in the atrium, a row of deer heads over on the fourth floor and an Champion Easybird Auto-Feed Trap sitting outside the NRA's Education and Training Department.

Not only was there an Easybird, but also box after box filled with clay pigeons just waiting to be launched. As someone relatively new to the trap and skeet show, seeing that contraption in the hallway filled my head with all the possible locations where I could take it for the weekend. An open field or the perfect ridge. But before coming up with the just the right place, Education & Training Director Bill Poole stepped out to douse my inspiration.

"I know what you're thinking," said Poole. "Put it out of your mind, this one is ours."

Turns out this particular piece of machinery is bound for a local scouting outing in a couple weeks. Which made me wonder ... why didn't they have trap and skeet when I was in the scouts? Guess I'll have to ask my father what happened with that one.

The Easybird isn't just the standard that holds up to 50 clays. No, this one comes with accessories. There's also a wireless remote that's good up to 120 yards and a "Wobbler" that alternates the height and direction of the clay. One goes straight, the next straight up, the next off to the left, etc...

Maybe it's time to give that scouting thing a second try.

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