By Lars Dalseide | October 5 2011 13:43

Joe Warner holds the golden ticket that resulted in a Rossi Trifecta long gun at the Essex County Friends of NRA Dinner Newark, New Jersey - What you see to the left there is the fabled Golden Ticket. Inspired by the 1971 classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Gene Wilder plays the irrepressible Willy Wonka, the Golden Ticket was your admission to a place of wonder, imagination and (of course) candy. For the folks who attended the 2011 Essex County Friends of NRA Banquet at Mayfair Farms, the ticket meant just the same ... sans the candy.

In case your magnifying glass isn't working, the ticket reads:

This golden ticket ensures you the opportunity to win an extraordinary, unbelievable, phenomenal surprise. To qualify, you must bring this complete program with a guest to our 2011 FNRA dinner which will be held at the beautiful Mayfair Farms in West Orange, NJ.

The lucky man holding the ticket, and who brought a guest to the 2011 Friends dinner, is Joe Warner. An officer with the Belleville Police Department, Warner was anxious to hear about his prize.

"They said I won the trifecta," said Warner "I've got no idea what that means. Three of something I guess. I'm waiting for someone to tell me what I'm going home with."

What he's going home with, once all the appropriate papers are filled out and filed, is the Rossi Trifecta long gun. A three in one long gun, the Rossi comes with three interchangeable barrels for a .22 long rifle, a 20-gauge shotgun and a .44 Magnum (or .243 Winchester) rifle. Now that's worth keeping a Friends of NRA Banquet around for a year.

"That's great. That's just great to hear," said an excited Warner. "I like rifles, I enjoy shooting, so this works out great. I can't thank the Friends Committee enough for such a wonderful prize."

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